Join an incredible group of women as we grapple with changing mindsets, changing habits, and embracing the joy of movement in our every day, busy af lives.


Academy is amazing!  A group where people come together and build each other up and support each other in our quest for self-love.  I could never be consistent with fitness when I was left to my own devices, but with Tara’s live workouts throughout the week, I don’t miss a session.  It is fun and challenging all at the same time.  Tara has the ability to push me past my mental blocks of “I can’t”, and I do!!  I do all the things – get stronger, I set and crush goals and learn about various topics related to overall health.  The best part about it, its online.  So no matter what challenges life throws my way, I can remain consistent with my workouts no matter where I am.

Christa Barber

Being a member of the TWT Academy has brought so much growth for myself, that I can’t believe it’s only been 18 months since it started. For starters, I rarely ever worked out before. Tara’s workouts are fun! What I love about them, is that she does them with you, and she is grunting just like you are. She doesn’t make it look or sound easy – she is a real person training with you, she is just using stronger weights!! And if you want to workout an extra day, you can watch a recording from a previous one!

TWT Academy isn’t just about working out though. That is only 25% of what you get. The other 75% is what really changes you. It’s the mental workout. Every month is a different theme to focus on, and she guides you through each theme with weekly worksheets to complete. Once a month, she invites all her members to meet together to review the theme and discuss outcomes from the worksheets. This is where the magic happens. Friendships blossom, tears are shed, laughter is heard and hearts are filled. It is a safe place to share your goals and get encouragement with never-ending support.

Joining TWT Academy was a game changer for me. I am not the same person I was when I started. And I am so excited to see how my transformation continues!

Michelle Moore